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Kona Panis Disc Golf

Shredz Hybrid Sparkle Trespass

Shredz Hybrid Sparkle Trespass

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The Trespass is the high-speed driver for the masses. It is very neutral in its flight, not being too stable or flipping over. The wide rim is able to take all the power that you can throw at it and just keep gliding to new distances. Hybrid plastic is a blend of Lucid and Fuzion plastics. This plastic has the same durable feel of Lucid, but an opaque appearance more like Fuzion. Sparkles add extra brilliance.

Weights 168-169g. Stamp colors vary.

About Shredz: Shredz is the fun eyeball character Kona created in 2019 and he represents all that is fun and playful in her game and in disc golf.

Trespass flight numbers: 12,5,-0.5,3

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